Ridge Runner
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“Ridge Runner”

The picture, “Ridge Runner” is an illustration of the title.  Ridge runners handled the transportation of product in the illegal liquor trade.  Alcohol was illegal, making demands reach an all time high.  The car of choice was old coupes and 1940 fords with a big motor under the hood to insure that the product made it to its destination.  Our area and surrounding states such as North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee was known for their underground stills in these rural counties.  The liquor was brewed up in the mountains, and the Ridge runners would take it to the big towns to supply the bars and speakeasies of the cities.  These ridge runners dealt with speed and danger with every run  they made, but the payoff was much more than any 9-5 could have ever been.  This picture is a rendering of the way of life in my neck of the woods.  

 **Limited edition size of Ridge Runner (16x24) is 1000 prints and each painting is numbered and signed.**



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Ridge Runner

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